Control Products

Integrated Pest Management Products

Soundview stocks a variety of products designed to help you maintain healthy, beautiful, pest-free landscapes. We can help you identify turf or plant problems in order to choose a management strategy that will be successful and cost effective. We carry name brand products in packaging that ranges in size from small quantities to large volume containers. 

Whether you are a licensed applicator or a first time homeowner with a landscape problem, we can help.

Residential Use

Our homeowner line of products includes what you need for problems ranging with lawn weeds, plant diseases or insect problems. You won’t need to visit a huge aisle with every product known to man. Instead, we’ll help figure out your problem and provide a solution that works for you. 

 In many cases, we’ll be able to scale a response to your specific needs eliminating waste and helping promote our philosophy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  Soundview staff will help determine what options you might and what the best strategy for management will be.
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