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Ice Melt Supplies And Materials

  • By Phil Grande
  • 04 Dec, 2013

We are fully stocked with all kinds of options for your winter work.

Soundview has switched gears into winter mode as we approach December and the thermometer dips. We are fully stocked with all kinds of options for your winter work.

One of the most common questions we respond to during the winter is: “which product or combination of products should I use?”. The answer depends upon a few different variables which we’ll discuss here.

What are your goals? Do you expect an ice control product to prevent ice or snow build up, or are you trying to melt ice which has already formed? In many cases, we’ve seen a shift over the past few years to pre-treatment. Frequently, near the shore, ground temperatures and air temperatures often combine to provide for a frozen slush mess. With temperatures in the upper twenties, even a basic application of straight rock salt before an event will provide for a decent level of control, especially on asphalt surfaces like driveways or parking areas. Pre-treatment helps stop the snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, making cleanup easier and more thorough. Are colder temperatures expected? If so, use a treated salt product like the Blizzard Wizard or Rock Salt treated with Ice Ban (Bulk Product). Do you have hills or slopes to be concerned with? This is when you might want to consider some sand for traction assistance.

Application Tip – Who gets to decide when and if applications are made to a property? Who owns that liability? Work out the answers to these questions before the winter and you’ll have fewer surprises or anxious nights.

What are your environmental conditions? What are you or your customer asking for? Sometimes, basic Rock salt just won’t do the job. Some of the treated products or higher end salts like Magnesium or Calcium Chloride are specified for longer control with less environmental impact. These higher end products often provide control for a wider range of lower temperatures. This is important because of re-freezing conditions. Once the ice is melted, usually during the day, the runoff will find every little crack and crevice in your sidewalk or pavement. Once the night time temperatures dip down, the water will turn back into ice unless the better products are in place to prevent the re-freeze. In concrete, when the icy water flows into cracks and pores then re-freezes and expands the concrete cracks and deteriorates. This is called spalling. You and your customer may need to pay a little more for some better control, but the long term unseen benefits will be immeasurable.

Application Tip – Bagged Calcium and Magnesium are pelletized products which flow easily through push spreaders for sidewalk applications.

Consider the site. What are your application methods? Are you spreading a small amount of product on some walkways and sensitive areas or are you trying to cover 2 acres of parking lot surface in the most efficient way possible. The answers to these questions will help determine which product(s) you’ll need to stock up on. Straight Bulk Rock Salt has become the most popular choice, surpassing Sand and Salt mixtures as the choice for truck mounted spreaders. Treated Rock Salt is an improved alternative which provides longer coverage to a lower re-freeze temperature. Sand and Salt mix is still the choice for budget conscience customers or folk who want to be sure the customer can see the application as it is tracked around their site.

Application Tip – Remember to close your hopper or spreader opening when applying premium products. In most cases less product is required over the same are in order to do a better job!

Ice Melt guide and summary:

Sand Salt mixture is a budget conscience choice.  It is effective for temperatures in the high 20s up to freezing, provides some level of traction control, leaves a messy residue which is visible to customers.

Straight Rock Salt
 is a good economical choice.  It is effective for temperatures in the lower 20s and is a popular option for commercial contractors.  Useful as pre-treatment for asphalt, no Spring Cleanup or sand accumulation, available in bulk by the yard, or truck load.  Also available in 50# bags or by the Pallet.
Rock Salt
Blizzard Wizard (Rock Salt treated with Ice-B-Gone) is more costly, but quite effective to 20 degrees below zero!  Makes a great pre-treatment and doesn’t usually freeze up in storage or in the hopper. Prevents ice and snow bonding to pavement and works well even in coldest temperature or high traffic. No Spring Cleanup or sand accumulation. Available in bulk by the yard or truck load. Also available in 50# bags or by the pallet.
Blizzard Wizard
Magnesium Chloride Pellets are costly yet effective.  They act quickly at a cold temperature – down to 5 degrees below zero – and are a safer alternative with less damage to environment. Available in 50# bags or by the pallet.
Magnesium Chloride
Calcium Chloride Pellets are the most expensive and the most effective product.  Works to 25 degrees below zero and works well to prevent re-freeze. Available in 50# bags or by the pallet.
Calcium Chloride Pellets
We also offer a wide selection of insulated gloves, snow shovels, and spreaders for your snow removal needs:
By Phil Grande 01 Jul, 2014
Our 21-0-4 Lawn Fertilizer with Mallet will provide you with a slow release feeding as well as insurance against grubs later in the season.  Our fertilizer with Mallet, applied now and watered in, provides the best protection against grub damage when the eggs hatch in late August or September.  The active ingredient is similar to Merit Insecticide which has been the proven grub preventative for many years now. This time of year, insects or fungus can also plague an otherwise healthy turf.  We offer a variety of Insecticide or Fungicide solutions to help manage any problems which may arise.
By Phil Grande 29 May, 2014
Increasingly, we see homeowners acting as general contractors on their projects. Acting as a contractor would mean that the individual knows what to expect when it comes to running a project. All too often, problems arise when the homeowner/general contractor doesn’t have experience managing the process. More specifically, a lack of experience can lead to unreasonable expectations in ordering materials, finding and scheduling qualified installers, and coordinating the process from beginning to end. Today, I think it would be helpful to cover a few of the major issues we observe from a sales point of view. It may help you with a project if you are a homeowner, or it may help a contractor to understand the customer’s point of view.
By Phil Grande 08 May, 2014
After a harsh winter, many plants will show signs of stress. Sometimes simply piled up snow crushes delicate plants. Other times plants get damaged because of harsh, ice cold, drying winter winds. In either case, you may wish to consider plant replacement. This time of year offers a wide selection of plants in our nursery. Since the material is all in containers or balled and burlapped, it can be picked up and planted any time now.
By Phil Grande 24 Apr, 2014
A good approach to maintaining your landscaped beds includes cleaning them up, fertilizing the plants, and managing weeds. Soundview can help with all of this. We suggest starting with an edging spade to clean up your beds.
By Phil Grande 16 Apr, 2014
If you want to have a greener, more lush lawn, but don’t want to use an combination products or pesticides, ask us about a straight fertilizer programs to suit your needs. We stock several formulations of fertilizer which can make even a low maintenance lawn look great. We can tailor a plan just for you.
By Phil Grande 07 Apr, 2014
Soundview is ready to accept your yard waste material as long as it is clean wood, brush, stumps or leaves.  Material needs to be separated so we can process it correctly, so don’t mix rocks and soil with leaves and brush please.  Our convenient, State of CT DEEP permitted recycling facility will allow you to recycle material and leave with a load of some fresh mulch or plants to get your next project started.
By Phil Grande 21 Mar, 2014
After what has been a particularly cold and stormy winter, we are finally closing in on Spring. With the Daylight Savings Time change in our rear view mirror, temperatures are bound to rise and with that comes the volume of work that hits us each Spring. Before the barrage, take some time to do a little spring cleaning of your own.
By Phil Grande 15 Nov, 2013
Here at Soundview, we need to take very careful steps over the winter to protect our nursery stock. There are also a few simple steps that you can do for your own garden or a customers garden to prepare for its winter rest. All of these measure are fairly basic, but very beneficial.  If you take these simple steps, you will be happy you did when Spring gets here.
By Phil Grande 06 Nov, 2013
As the fall cleanup season starts to wind up and leaves are dropping, it is time to consider a few options for lawn care.  One of the most important concepts we try to instill is consistency.  Your best results will come from implementation of a planned, balance fertilizer program. Soil Tests are always your best bet in order to help determine exact needs for your lawn.
By Phil Grande 25 Oct, 2013
Fall Cleanup approaches vary, but at the end of the day, removal of the leaves is paramount. Every homeowner wants to see the sharp lines cut into the lawn, crisp edges along the landscape beds and no debris on the walks or drives. One popular approach is to maintain the weekly visits. Staying in a routine never allows for an abundance of cleanup, and if the weather turns a little dicey, you are never too far behind.
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