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Soundview Landscape Supply offers a full range of New England Rake products. These products are made right here, in our warehouse. They're 100% American-made products. They come in a variety of styles and sizes.

This is a New England Rake classic tooth, straight tooth rake. This rake is made of all aluminum, weighs just under four pounds, can be used by homeowners, landscapers, all day long, without any fatigue. A special detail on our rake is the aggressive chisel tooth. Helps dislodge small rocks and stuff that you might want to take out of anything that you're trying to rake.

This is a classic infield grooming rake. The sifting head allows for any particles and debris to be taken out of the infield clay. If you happen to be raking sand or soil for landscape installation, it'll remove any particles smaller than about 3/8ths of an inch. The sifting head rake is also made of 100% aluminum, right here in West Haven, in a variety of sizes from 24, 30, and 36 inch standard, to 42 and 48 inch heads, in case you want to have a lot of work done in a little bit of time.

This is an asphalt lute. One side is smooth, one side is punched. If you like to spread stone, stone dust, sand, or other aggregate, it's a perfect lightweight rake. Weighing in at under three pounds, it can be used all day in the field without creating fatigue.

We offer a smooth head lute, which has no punched out teeth on either side. This lute's perfect for some light concrete work, sand spreading, or stone dust spreading. Our lutes and scarifiers can be used on tennis courts and golf courses, bocce courts, or even in your own yard for home projects. One variation of our smooth head lute is commonly known to golf courses around the country as a plug pusher. After aeration, golf course superintendents like to push the aerating plugs off of our greens. This works perfectly to get the job done. It's lightweight, wide, comes in a variety of sizes, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48.

All New England Rake products come standard with a 66 inch gold powder-coated handle and a logo-imprinted green grip. If you'd like a longer handle, we offer an 84 inch handle that allows you to work father away from the work site, for instance when you're spreading or screening sand, or if you'd like to have it on a plug pusher, and not be walking right where you're working.

Come on down to Soundview, and take a look at the full line of New England Rake products.
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