Pre Emergent Spring Pallet Special

Start the season using a fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent that contains Prodiamine. 

You can choose between a higher and lower rate of Prodiamine. Lower Nitrogen means less top growth, and maybe a little less mowing. Less Prodiamine means you can split your step 1 applications over 6 weeks for longer control. The higher rate of Prodiamine can be used if you would like to make only 1 initial treatment to the lawn where crabgrass isn't a big problem. 

We stock several formulations of fertilizer which can make even a low maintenance lawn look great. We can tailor a plan just for you.

Pallet Special

12-0-3 w/.295% Prodiamine
Regular Price $26.75/bag - Pallet Price $22.50/bag

19-0-3 w/.295% Prodiamine
Regular Price $30.00/bag - Pallet Price $25.00/bag

TurfCare 18-0-6 w/.375% Prodiamine
Regular Price $32.00/bag - Pallet Price $27.00/bag

Note: Prodiamine is the same chemical formulation as Evade & Barricade.
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